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Audio/Video PAC 2 Channel Line Out Converter (with Turn On)

Audio/Video PAC 2 Channel Line Out Converter (with Turn On)
Additional Info: Product Description
Line out converter for factory radios. Accepts speaker level input and provides stereo RCA output signal for adding an aftermarket amplifier. Also provides 12v turn-on trigger for the amplifier. perfect for tapping a signal from the rear speakers, eliminating the need to remove the factory radio.

Product Features
Designed to be connected in the rear of the vehicle for quick installation
Provides 12v amplifier turn-on trigger wire
Linear 20 to 20,000Hz output based on input signal
Transformer isolated for optimal sound and performance
Maintains correct phasing
60 watts maximum input per channel
Dealership Price: $29.99*
Our Price: $19.19
You will save $10.80 (36% Off!)

All keyless entry remotes are covered by a one year warranty.
They are typically shipped within a business day.
*Dealer prices vary by dealer.