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Hornet 562T Deluxe Remote Car Starter

Hornet 562T Deluxe Remote Car Starter
Additional Info: *Two 4-button Remotes.
*New one button start.(1-3 prog)
*Turbo timer and optional rear
defroster activation output.
*Tach learn with confirmation.
*Auto-restart, safety inputs.
pinswitch included.
*Power doorlock outputs.
*Ignition controlled power
*Valet mode (On hold).
*Fuel-injected automatic
transmission only!
*Pre-ignition, programmable
runtime 12/24/60 minutes.
*Extended range antenna
(Quarter mile range).
*Now includes the HF Plus
*Doorlock pulse duration
(prog. 0.8/3.5 sec).
*Remote Panic/Car Finder.
*DEI standard 12 pin harness.
*Passive lock/not lock.
*Aux Channel 2 output.
*Aux Channel 3 output.
*Bright Red LED Status Indicator.
*Passive lock/not lock.
*Domelight Supervision output ready.
*Failsafe Starter kill Built in, along with
Remote Start Anti-grind (active/passive).
*Neutral safety input.
*XCRS-4 relay/extreme
capacity relay satellite.
*Parking light flash (Program
constant or pulsing).
Dealership Price: $155.95*
Our Price: $99.81
You will save $56.14 (36% Off!)

All keyless entry remotes are covered by a one year warranty.
They are typically shipped within a business day.
*Dealer prices vary by dealer.